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Municipality ‘terminates’ services of 100 employees assigned to help desks
February 29, 2016, 9:04 am

Kuwait municipality has terminated the services of 100 employees assigned in the help desks in various sectors of the Municipality due to failure to submit the required academic certificate to the Employees Affairs Department, said Assistant Director General for Financial and Administrative Affairs Eng Waleed Al-Jassem.

According to Al-Jassem, the department has informed all the concerned departments and centers on the need for these employees to submit the certificate with a warning that non-compliance will lead to suspension of the payment of salaries and then termination.

He affirmed the department will witness the most remarkable change in the history of the Municipality due to the expected transfer, reshuffle and termination of several employees for various reasons.

He said the data of three expatriate help desk employees in the centers of governorates were not entered into the system and they were found to have been receiving their salaries even if they were at home. 

Source: Arab Times

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