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Mystery over death of 9 year old Kuwaiti child uncovered
October 19, 2016, 8:25 am

Officers from the General Department of Criminal Evidences led by Brigadier Muhammad Al-Sharhan uncovered mystery surrounding the death of a nine-year-old Kuwaiti child — as reported by Al- Seyassah newspaper after the father claimed his child had died of natural causes in Jahra Hospital. Report indicated the child was tortured and confined to a room for several days, because he was hyperactive and used to beat his disabled siblings.

A statement by the General Department of Public Relations and Security Information indicated the child died as a result of severe torture and long period of solitary confinement. It also revealed that officers from the Sulaibikhat police station had been contacted by a Kuwaiti citizen who reported his son born in 2007 had died through natural causes after medical personnel at the Jahra Hospital administered him first aid. Management of the hospital, subsequent to examination of the deceased child, confirmed injury and bruises on the body.

They also said the child’s clothes were still wet, and there’s no doubt he died hours before the family brought him to the casualty unit of the hospital. The corpse was then referred to forensics for autopsy to determine the cause of death, they stressed. Further examination of the child’s body and questioning of family members revealed that the child was full of energy, and he used to beat his disabled siblings, including his six-month old brother.

Due to his hyper nature, the parents are said to have disciplined the child through beating and confinement after tying him with a piece of cloth, and he refused to eat during the period. Just before his demise, they alleged the child went to sleep with his brother after the mother had untied and freed him from solitary confinement. Later on, they discovered he was unconscious — probably due to their action, so they tried to seek medical assistance in Jahra Hospital. An Indian housemaid working for the family also corroborated the statement, and they were referred to concerned authorities for necessary legal action.

Source: Arab Times

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