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Mystery over disappearance of Kuwaiti woman and mother
October 12, 2015, 9:42 am

Following reports by local media that the remains of the 28-year-old Kuwaiti woman and her 61-year-old Saudi mother were found dumped in a well, 20 meters deep, after their murder in Upper Egypt, Kuwait’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Undersecretary of the Ministry Khaled Al-Jarallah has stated there is no confirmation about the authenticity of the information on the two missing Kuwaitis, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily quoting reliable sources also said the victim’s brother who is in Egypt to look for his sister and mother quoted the Kuwaiti ambassador in Cairo as saying, “I have no knowledge of the discovery of the bodies of the missing women.” However, the Security Director of Minya province Major Hassan Said was reportedly informed by an Egyptian citizen that his brother-in-law AbdulTawab who works as a guard in a farm had informed him that he killed the two women and dumped their bodies in a well. The Egyptian citizen recounted that when he visited his brother-in-law Tawab he saw traces of dried blood near the wall on the farm and when asked about it, he admitted to killing the women and stealing their money.

The Egyptian quoting his brother-inlaw also said he first lured the victims to visit him and took them to the Assiut governorate and then a few days later to a farm in the Khariyat Al-Kharijin in Mynia. When he heard the news about the murder he informed the police and when he returned to the farm AbdulTawab had disappeared from the area. According to an Egyptian security source, the Minya Security Director Major-General Hassan Said dispatched CID men to uncover the truth and also asked the help of a specialized company in digging the wells to ensure the validity of the information.

A security source said AbdulTawab, 40, lives in the village of Beja Qusiya center in Asyut, and was working in Saudi Arabia, for one of the victims (the girl’s mother) and persuaded her to visit Cairo to buy real estate saying he has vast knowledge in real estate business. The same source said AbdulTawab has been arrested and during interrogation admitted to committing the crime because of financial difficulties.

He also said he took about 500,000 Egyptian pounds under the pretext of buying an apartment for the Saudi woman in Cairo and instead bought an apartment for himself in Qusiya village. Earlier it was reported, before her disappearance, the girl posted a tweet on her cell phone that read: “I am in a farm and if, God forbid, something wrong happens, inform the Kuwaiti embassy because the situation is ‘terrible’.” An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had also said the ministry had stepped up efforts to look for the 28-year-old missing Kuwaiti woman who left for Egypt with her Saudi mother in August and nothing was heard from them since September 12, 2015.

The source pointed the Egyptian and Saudi authorities had notified their Kuwaiti counterparts that the two women have not entered their respective territories while the family of the missing women had said they had been contacted by the duo by telephone from inside Egypt during their visit to buy an apartment in Alexandria. According to the family the duo was residing in a hotel.

Source: Arab Times

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