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Nearly 20,000 visas issued for Bangladeshis to work as domestic workers
May 22, 2016, 8:50 am

Nearly 20,000 work permits have been issued for Bangladeshis to work as domestic workers for Kuwaiti family’s following the announcement made by ministry of Interior to allow recruitment of Bangladeshi nationals.

The general department for Residency Affairs earlier issued a decision to grant authorizations to the directors of immigration departments in the six governorates to issue work permits for Bangladeshi domestic laborers.

The final moment before sighing of the crucial agreement between the State of Comoros and the Central System for Remedying Status of Illegal Residents has began.

Informed sources said the contract includes many benefits for Bedouns such as obtaining Comoros citizenship and passport renewable every 5 years.

They added the proposal has been approved by the president of Comoros along with the Parliament after a long discussion during which Kuwait insisted the issue is left for Bedouns to accept or refuse.

They stressed that Kuwait will offer the Comorian Bedoun many advantages and facilities including permanent residency, free medical care and education. They will also have the right to employment in the public sector, driver’s license and the right to own properties.

Sources pointed out that the contract will be signed after Eid holiday and that Kuwait studied the UAE experience in this concern.

Apart from good relations it enjoys with countries in the Gulf Population, Comoros is also a member of the Arab league, and its population is less than one million.

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