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Nelson Mandela painting presented to South African Ambassador
August 5, 2013, 12:05 pm

Indian national Mrs Agnes Peter presented a beautiful painting of South African leader Nelson Mandela  to H E Delarey Van Tonder  the South African Ambassador to Kuwait. Agnes who works as Head of the Art  Department at the Indian English Academy in Salmiya said her inspiration to do the painting came from the greatness of Nelson Mandela  who fought for the rights of the South African people in achieving equality and freedom for their people through non-violence.

H E Van Tonder hosted a reception to appreciate the efforts of Mrs Agnes and thanked her for such a nice painting. “The painting will be kept at a prominent place in the embassy,” remarked the ambassador.  Ambassador Van Tonder also presented a set of books on Mandela to Mrs Agnes a mark of recognition of her efforts

Mrs Agnes is well versed in all forms of art mainly canvas, portrait, glass, pot, wall, foil embossing, pencil shading.. Recently she has been chosen as the Chairperson (India) of Euro Asian worldwide.

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