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Net income ratio for Kuwaitis at 72.1 percent - Statistics Bureau
October 23, 2014, 8:19 am

A recent census carried out by the Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau revealed a net income ratio for Kuwaiti nationals of 72.1 percent while non-Kuwaitis receive 91.4 percent.

The percentage reflects the amount of money people are left with after everyday expenses, and during a workshop the CSB added that the average size of a Kuwaiti family is 7.7 people, while non-Kuwaiti families include 4.3 members.

On the types of accommodation, it showed that 60.9pct of Kuwaiti families live in villas, 28.5pct live in rented accommodation and 10.6 live in outdated houses.

Meanwhile, it added that Kuwaiti families own 3.2 automobiles, while non-Kuwaiti families own 1.1 on average.

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