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New airport terminal to make KD 500 million annually
February 18, 2016, 9:08 am

Efforts are in progress to develop Kuwait international airport and increase its capacity to meet growing traffic, as over 11 million passengers used the airport last year, civil aviation director Yousef Al-Fouzan said. Fouzan added that the new terminal would serve 25 million passengers annually and that it would increase the directorate’s annual revenues fivefold to over KD 500 million.

Fouzan said that the civil aviation was also considering increasing the fees collected for landing at and using Kuwait international airport as a transit stopover in order to increase the revenues to around KD 140 million. “Planes flying through Kuwait’s air space currently pay $20, which is the cheapest fee in all GCC states as it had been set in the 1980s,” he noted, explaining that the new fees would be equal to those collected in other GCC airports.

He added that the backup terminal that would serve 5 million passengers would act as an overflow terminal in high seasons due to overcrowding because the current terminal is now serving twice as much as its capacity.

Fouzan said that the total aviation and travel companies operating in Kuwait and supervised and inspected by Civil Aviation number 676. “This requires a great deal of work to monitor their operation and receive complaints and take proper measures that may go as far as closure,” he explained.

Source: Al-Qabas



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