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New approaches to settle int'l disputes - Kuwaiti legal expert
May 28, 2014, 9:50 am

A five-day conference here seeks to resolve international disputes by resorting to out-of-court settlement or mediation or arbitration rather than battling out these disputes in international courts, said a Kuwaiti participant in the conference.

International disputes, whether among nations or conglomerates or any transnational entities, do better to resort to what is known among legal experts as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods rather than fighting it out in a courtroom, said Fatin Al-Tukhaim, a legal expert at Kuwait's Department of Fatwa and Shariah, in a statement to KUNA.

These ADR methods, she said, use the tools of mediation, arbitrations, and settlement conferences to help smooth out disputes, adding that Kuwait will take away competent expertise from this conference which it can subsequently pass on to its GCC neighbors.

ADR approaches can easily be employed in commercial and trade and business disputes by GCC states which mostly now depend on courtroom settlements that take a long time to litigate and incur sizeable costs, she said.

The five-day conference, entitled "Legal Variables from Internalization Dream to Globalization Reality", is organized in cooperation with ESEI International Business School in Barcelona, the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), University of Kent in Brussels, and the Government of Catalonia, Spain. The chief sponsor of the conference is Kuwait which has sent a 27 member delegation to participate in the conference whose functions began yesterday. 

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