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New building for Iqama affairs;E-passports
April 10, 2015, 12:46 pm

Assistant Undersecretary for Nationality and Passport Affairs at the Interior Ministry Maj Gen Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah said there are six centers for the passport print that use both the eye and handprints in all governorates in addition to certain centers for those with special needs and VIPs. He said the new electronic passports will be distributed at the end of this year. The new passport will make it easier for citizens to get a visa to countries faster.

Acting Director General of Iqama Affairs Department Major General Talal Maarafi said Hawally Iqama Affairs has moved to its new building located in Dhahiyat Mubarak Al-Abdallah (west Mishref), behind social securities and will start receiving patrons starting 12/4/2015.

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