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New govt plans to increase water and electricity tariffs
December 19, 2016, 8:15 am

Despite the messages from Government circles to the new lawmakers to close the old chapter and open a new one at the start of the new parliamentary term, it seems that the lawmakers will push for grilling episodes with the aim of creating tension and threat.

The situation is expected to remain the same for a moment or two, especially on issues related to citizenship, reform, and increase in electricity tariff and fuel prices.

In the bid to mount pressure on Government over these three issues, MP Mohammad Al-Mutair disclosed his readiness to propose appropriate amendment to Law No. 20/2016 concerning the electricity tariff raise.

He stressed that government has a duty to suspend implementation of the law in the spirit of building the bridge of cooperation. He stated failure to meet the terms could lead to grilling of the minister.

He indicated “increasing electricity and water tariffs is not just an executive action of the Ministry of Electricity and Water but an act that concerns the state’s public policies and affects various areas.”


Source: Arab Times

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