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New law to solve problem of maids
April 18, 2015, 12:13 pm

Rapporteur of Parliament’s Health Committee MP Saadoun Hamad has revealed details about the Housemaid Law which was approved recently by the committee following some new amendments, reported a local daily. He said the new law will solve the problem of housemaids escaping from their employers’ houses by imposing those who offer them refuge to bear their travel expenses or the domestic workers’ bureau, adding that the insurance imposed on the domestic workers’ bureau will be KD 50,000 from which deduction will be made for any financial dues.

MP Hamad revealed that the proposal for establishing a domestic worker company was rejected because the Companies Establishment Law stipulates 25 percent for Kuwait Investment Authority and 25 percent for Kuwait Institute for Social Security, while the official responses of the concerned authorities were mostly rejecting to invest in such a company, due to which the proposal was suspended.

Regarding establishing a medical city, he affirmed that he was one among the lawmakers who presented this proposal, revealing about possible agreement over this project and its approval by the Health Committee during its next meeting before it is forwarded to the National Assembly.

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