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New mechanism for government projects’ work permits
November 11, 2015, 9:27 am

A team from the Manpower Public Authority led by Director Ahmad Al-Moussa recently met with bodies concerned with government contracts in order to set a new mechanism to issue work permits for laborers working in governmental projects, said informed sources. The sources explained that the new mechanism adopts issuing those work permits gradually according to the project’s phases and the type of labor needed for each phase.

The sources added that the number of laborers needed in each phase would be determined by the body responsible for the project, not the company executing it. “Governmental bodies and the Central Tenders Committee will also be automatically connected to monitor and follow up the workers registered on each project,” explained the sources, noting that work permits for laborers needed in each phase would not be issued unless the previous one was concluded.

Finally, the sources expected another similar meeting to be held by the end of this week to approve the new mechanism and issue its execution decision.

Source:  Al-Anbaa

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