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New road-monitoring cameras watch motorists'' speeds -- official
February 4, 2014, 4:32 pm

The Ministry of Interior is trying out a new road-monitoring system using what is known as Point-to-Point roadside cameras, said a ministry official on Tuesday.
The new cameras will photograph all cars covering a certain prescribed distance by the ministry, and gauge the speeds of these cars, picking out those breaking the lawful speed limits, exposing thus their drivers to penalties set by the ministry, said Abdul-Fattah Al-Ali, undersecretary for traffic affairs at the ministry, in statements he made to Kuna

He said this new camera-monitoring system is being experimented with on a 10 km stretch of the road leading to the area of Nuaiseeb. The cameras calculate the speeds of all cars using that stretch and will separate out the ones surpassing the legal speed limit. This system will be generalized on all Kuwaiti roads and highways at a later date once it is determined that it works with assured results. Already this system is being applied in such countries as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in addition to Qatar, and now Kuwait.

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