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New rules for non-Arabs, converts
March 26, 2015, 12:12 pm

The Cultural Affairs Sector at the Grand Mosque Department has laid down work regulations for non- Arabic speaking communities and the new Muslim converts, reports a local daily quoting Assistant Undersecretary of Cultural Affairs in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Daoud Al-Asusi. Al-Asusi revealed the regulations include stipulations on administrative and legal controls to organize endorsement of communities and to coordinate with them. He said the Communities Control Department in the Cultural Affairs Sector, in coordination with non-Arabic speaking communities, organizes worthwhile activities for its members such as lectures and seminars.

He added the department also supervises Friday sermons in non- Arabic languages and there are 78 mosques in Kuwait that give non- Arabic sermons for various communities in the country. He said the department is in charge of requirements to hold festivals and forums in terms of hosting guests and providing needs of the communities.

He affirmed the sector gives attention to members of various communities which constitute a large and important layer of the Kuwaiti society; thus, it is imperative to guide such communities in a proper manner based on the moderate approach in promoting Islam to make them ambassadors of their countries in spreading Islam through knowledge and insight.

Meanwhile, Grand Mosque Director Abdallah Al-Shaheen disclosed the regulations form a pact for the Awqaf Ministry and the communities when it comes to organizing religious sermons and classes in mosques in a bid to avoid transgressions or spread of ideas far from moderation. Al-Shaheen stressed every non-Arabic speaking community has its own ideology, method and language; so the new regulations will guide these communities in organizing programs and setting guidelines.

He explained this is to ensure no program is held in mosques without the approval of relevant authorities, even the choice of language because some communities have more than 100 languages.

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