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New rules to govern manpower needs
May 30, 2016, 9:02 am

Acting Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower Ahmad Al-Musa announced a decision to establish a set of new rules and regulations to determine the size of manpower an employer needs in the private sector, noting the decision will cancel administrative decision no. 741/2015 issued for a similar purpose.

In a statement, AL-Musa mentioned that the authority for determining the size of manpower will be administered by the respective department, according to the new regulation, and be in charge of monitoring the department units in all governorates. He also said it will issue its opinion concerning the size of manpower required in any given establishment in private sector.

Al-Musa pointed out that once the department receives application to determine the size of manpower required by the establishment, an official will be mandated to conduct a field inspection of the establishment after the applicant has provided the necessary documents in the department.

In case of new establishments, the employer will be granted the initial number of manpower needed, and then the department will appoint an official who will conduct field inspection within 90 days to determine whether the establishment is functional and its employees are on their workstation, and then further determinations will be considered based on report prepared by the inspector in this regard.

Al-Musa affirmed that slots of three employees will be allocated for all activities that are not mentioned in the guidelines of the activities whether commercial or partisanship, and any extra allocation of manpower will be determined by evidence as per the activities listed by the establishment in question.

Al-Musa pointed out that there will be periodic inspection and follow up of the establishments to ensure that the number of manpower allocated is adequate and operational so as to avoid any manipulation in the process.

Source: Arab Times

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