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No H5N8 human infection in Kuwait - MoH
January 24, 2017, 8:55 am

The Ministry of Health emphasized Monday that no human infection of the deadly H5N8 virus was detected in Kuwait.

In a press statement commenting on a report by a European news agency, the MoH Assistant Undersecretary Dr. Majeda Al-Qattan stated that no reports about receiving H5N8-inftected people were received from hospitals and medical centers and institutions across the country.

Al-Qattan assured that the highly contagious H5N8 is spreading among poultry, but the likelihood of human infection is low. This virus does not represent a threat to public health in Kuwait, she stressed.

She affirmed that the ministry, however, is ready to deal with any case, if there, as per the international standards. She concluded that the Health Ministry and the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources would continue coordination and contacts with relevant international institutions to exchange information in this regard.

Source: KUNA

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