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No ban on Nepal domestic workers
October 27, 2013, 5:29 pm

Nepal Ambassador to Kuwait H E Madhuban Paudel denied recent newspaper reports that his country had imposed a ban on sending Nepal domestic workers to Kuwait indefinitely. Ambassador Paudel clarified that the government of Nepal had not taken any decision in this regard and the embassy continued to attest the demand for Nepalese female workers above 30 years old.

Commenting on the process Ambassador Paudel stated that stringent measures were in place to ensure the established procedures and prevailing rules and regulations were followed. These measures were required to ward of the unscrupulous agents who indulged in forgery to bypass the recruitment process.

There are more than 65,000 Nepalese workers in Kuwait both in the corporate and domestic sector. Since taking over as the Ambassador in 2009 Ambassador Paudel has made the recruitment of workers from Nepal in the corporate sector quite simple and straight-forward. Companies looking to hire manpower from Nepal will now have to complete five sets of documents that include details of the contract for which employees are being sought and a request letter authorizing an approved manpower agency to hire on their behalf in Nepal

“The main challenge facing the Nepal embassy however was resolving the innumerable cases related to domestic helpers. Many of these workers come to Kuwait without having undergone any sort of orientation to the culture, language, religion and people they would be exposed to.” Due to the efforts of the embassy, the government of Nepal has now instituted over 20 training agencies that impart three week long orientation course for potential domestic helpers coming to the Middle-East. Also, to stop the exploitation of young women they have, since September2012, implemented a new rule that forbids any woman below the age of 30 from traveling to seek employment in the domestic sector. This has had a dampening effect on the number of Agencies in Kuwait and the individuals in Nepal that were thriving on sending domestic helpers to the Middle-East.

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