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No camping licenses for expats
October 28, 2015, 11:33 am


The municipal law has clearly stated that expats cannot apply for camping licenses, and only Kuwaitis, aged 21 and above, are eligible. The camping season begins on 1 November, and groups with the necessary paperwork can go to the designated areas to set up tents. Municipality Director General Engineer Ahmad Al-Subaih has revealed that there are 15 sites in Jahra and five in Ahmadi governorates for camping.  He asks those applying for a camping license to pay KD 50 as the license fees for each camp and to select only one site from the 20 sites allocated by the municipality.

He added that a KD 300 deposit for every 1,000 m of the camp site will be charged, to be refunded on the removal of the camping equipment and after the site has been cleaned.

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