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No change in plan to expel expats driving sans license
April 27, 2015, 8:44 am

The Ministry of Interior is working on a package of rules and regulations to solve the traffic problem in Kuwait, reports a local daily.

The package includes harsh penalties for serious offenders, imposition of duties on some highways, and charging KD 500 for those who wish to obtain a driving licence. It has also been reported those seeking to renew their driving licence will have to pay KD 50 per year.

At the moment those seeking to obtain a driving licence pay KD 10 and KD one for each year for renewal of licence.

However, this does not apply to drivers listed under Article 20. The ministry noted it will work to develop a legislation to impose duties on some highways and within the city to legalize the use and toughen sanctions in the traffic law for those who commit serious offences such as speeding, skipping the red traffic light, recklessness, driving in emergency lanes and so on.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Traffic Affairs Major-General Abdullah Al-Muhanna said the decision to deport expatriates who drive without license is irrevocable and has been implemented from April 23, 2015. He added the expatriates who forget their driving license for one reason or another shall be considered violators of the traffic rules.

In response to a question about the opportunity to resort to the courts, Al- Muhanna said the decision is a sovereign right of the state. Meanwhile, a local daily quoting security sources said a total of 830,248 driving licenses have been issued to foreigners, of which 581,509 are valid.

The sources said the decision to deport any expatriate driving without a license did not come from a vacuum, but due to the increasing number of licenses which were issued for expatriates have not been renewed by them. The source said expatriates who drive with an expired license will also be deported.

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