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No exemption for Kuwaitis from fines - More than KD 1m collected
December 30, 2014, 8:47 am

The National Assembly’s interior and defense committee has decided to review the issue of fines imposed on expatriates for failing to update their information after renewing their passports. The committee has decided to invite the interior minister for a meeting, but no date has been set for the discussion.

Meanwhile, acting residency affairs director Maj Gen Talal Marafi strongly denied any exemption for Kuwaiti families from paying the fines due on their domestic workers and non-Kuwaiti spouses and children. Denying any intention to start the exemption by Dec 28 as previously announced, Marafi stressed that such reports were fake and groundless and that fines imposed on Kuwaiti sponsors would be referred for investigation as usual.

Well-informed security sources stressed that the ministry will keep collecting the fines and that the sum collected so far from expats for failing to update their passport information has exceeded KD 1 million, especially since a travel ban was imposed on violators pending paying the fines and many intended to travel to spend the holidays abroad. “Expats waiting for the fines to be cancelled will only multiply them and pay more,” warned the sources, noting that referring the fines to courts for further investigation was only allowed for Kuwaitis.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri recently told reporters that he was following up the problems Egyptians were facing in Kuwait and that he was in direct contact with the Kuwaiti side to reach an exemption that ends the problem and helps Egyptians legalize their statuses.

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