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No increase in prices of hiring domestic workers
May 13, 2015, 9:04 am

Head of Kuwait Union for Owners of Domestic Workers Bureaus Fadhel Ashkanani denied any increase in prices for the recruitment of domestic workers in the coming phase, reports a local daily. In a press statement, he said, “Even though the holy month of Ramadan is near, there are no indications of increased prices for bringing domestic workers into the country”.

Ashkanani indicated that some individuals are spreading such kind of rumors in order to create panic among the public for serving their personal interests, stressing that the rumors regarding the cost for hiring domestic workers reaching KD 1,500 are false.

Meanwhile, a member of parliament’s Financial Affairs Committee MP Ahmad Lari affirmed that Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and Kuwait Investment Authority as well as Cooperative Societies Union have agreed to establish a company for hiring domestic workers. He revealed that the shares of this joint company will be distributed to several authorities as well as provided to citizens who subscribe to them, adding that the objective behind establishing the company is to provide domestic workers to the people of Kuwait at reasonable prices.

In addition, MP Mansour Al-Zufairi affirmed that the government is seriously considering the establishment of such a company, adding that this will help protect the rights of Kuwaiti citizens. In an unrelated development, the Minister of Justice and Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Yaqoub Al-Sane said the ministry has launched a number of new services foremost of which is the free ‘SMS’ service concerning the Ministry of Justice transactions of real estate registration such as selling, purchasing, and other important things that protect the rights and people’s money and stop any fraud, reports a local daily.

During a press conference held at the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies Al-Sane said the new service provided by the Ministry will be available to all citizens and residents will receive a free instant message on their cell phones about any transaction completed in the Ministry of Justice as soon as the registration is done. Al-Sane pointed out these services have been introduced to make it easier for citizens and residents and to prevent forgery and exploitation.

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