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No power, water for sixty families at owner’s mercy
February 17, 2015, 8:46 am
Some of the tenants at the mercy of landlord.

In a series of difficulties faced by tenants because landlords tend to increase the rents of apartments at will, 60 families are said to be living without electricity and water in one of the residential buildings in Maidan Hawalli, reports a local newspaper. This happened because the owner of the building sought to increase the rent midway and the tenants refused to pay and the former cut off water and electric supply.

The tenants have appealed to the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid, and Minister of Electricity & Water Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim to solve their problem. The tenants reportedly sought the help of the emergency team of the Ministry of Electricity and Water after the landlord denied cutting water and power supply and a report showed the supply was cut off manually and that the ministry had nothing to do with the power outage. Several tenants, elderly and children suffered due to this indiscriminate act of the landlord especially since some of them are sick.

Many of them slept at several places because there was no power supply. They say they want to settle the issue with the landlord once and for all. They say if the issue is of increasing monthly rent this can be resolved in a reasonable manner without causing harm to the tenants. Some of the tenants said they sought police help but to no avail and one of them was even detained for hours and finally released.

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