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No raids without warrants
January 24, 2016, 8:30 am

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid has instructed Undersecretary and General Suleiman Al-Fahad  to stop raiding apartments and bachelor accommodations without the Criminal Investigation Department carrying out proper investigations in advance and obtaining a warrant from the Public Prosecution in this regard.

He said these instructions were circulated recently to the various departments of the ministry, after the minister received complaints about security men raiding apartments without holding warrants, which is considered as violation of the law.

Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid also ordered halting raids on cafes because such raids should be carried out only under the authority of the Kuwait Municipality while the Interior Ministry is only a body of support.

He explained that the minister insisted that the municipality should send official letters to the Interior Ministry about its intention to raid any café. Accordingly, the ministry will determine the force that will accompany the municipality in its mission.

In addition, the source added that the campaigns should be limited to only Main Street and checkpoints.

According to the police source, before Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid issued these instructions, Ahmadi security men had raided an apartment in Mangaf area which was being used for immoral activities and had arrested four expatriate prostitutes who were referred to the concerned authorities.

Souce: Arab Times

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