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No rewards for unproductive staff
March 25, 2015, 11:18 am

Social Affairs Ministry Undersecretary Dr Matar Al-Mutairi linked the work of the supervisory jobs at the ministry by managers and supervisors with achievements in the development plan, adding that “there is no place for those who do not work and do not produce in the ministry, especially since the undersecretaries approved a full plan with the approval of managers and supervisors and they are compelled to implement it”. He said that termination or suspension will be the fate of those who do not work or implement the plan.

Mutairi said the ministry is getting ready for stricter supervision over donations, especially during the period of the third donors conference on Syria later this month, adding that there is a mechanism to control the process of collecting cash donations by NGOs and foundations.

He said all donations will be deposited in one bank account under the name of social security. About the loss of many cases, Mutairi said that a special legal office was established in the cooperative sector to handle cases of cooperative societies in coordination with legal affairs sector, as there will not be any case against violating cooperatives until after the transaction process is complete.

Mutairi said the technical committee at the ministry agreed to form a special team to collect the ministry’s financial dues estimated at KD 4 million. He said the team will work for three months, during which it will prepare an automated work program and a new document accounting cycle, then hand things over to the financial affairs department to collect the dues.

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