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Number of Kuwaitis, residents joining terror groups rises
August 24, 2015, 9:04 am

The number of youths, residents and citizens participating in the military operations of terrorist groups which are banned internationally has increased remarkably as per reports and statements issued by these groups. According to information propagated by the terrorist groups, more than 40 Kuwaitis and expatriates below 25 years old were killed in military operations carried out in Iraq, Syria, Chechnya and Afghanistan in the last few years.

Meanwhile, security sources clarified many of those who used the nickname ‘Kuwaiti’ are not citizens of Kuwait as they were of other nationalities residing in the country at the time they joined the armed groups abroad and were killed there. Sources said a number of Syrians recently joined the socalled ‘Al-Fatih Army’ which is affiliated to al-Nusra Front that is fighting against the Syrian regime and DAESH is increasing.

On the other hand, political analyst Dr. Fahd Al- Shelaimi pointed out the youths are easy targets for terrorist organizations, indicating there are about 314,000 youths in Kuwait only. He said these youths are financially capable of buying smart systems and use applications which enable them to communicate with terrorists who are experts in brainwashing the youths. He pointed out the members of terrorist groups are usually below 30 years old and they convince youths in their 20s to carry out terrorist operations through SMS and videos which touch on their emotions.

For his part, retired Major General Hamad Al-Saree asserted Kuwait has no directives or legislations which clarify the terrorist thoughts for its people who have become easy prey for terrorist groups. He stressed the necessity to establish centers for promoting the Kuwaiti culture and protect the youths from such radical thoughts.

Furthermore, Dr. Hassan Al- Mosawi stressed the wrong interpretation or explanation of religious concepts, fanaticism and feeling of emptiness among the youths are the main reasons for such groups to target this category. He added the groups also use money as a motivating factor while the failure of religious media and weak family ties also make the youths an easy target for terrorists

Source: Al-Seyassah

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