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Number of co-ops plan to hike commodity prices in Ramadan
April 25, 2017, 8:51 am

A number of cooperative societies have decided to increase prices of commodities during Ramadan to take advantage of the high demand for such products, reports local daily quoting sources. Sources said the price hike will range from 20 percent to 35 percent according to the type of commodities, indicating the decision will cover 150 commodities. Sources also unveiled the plan of cooperative societies to conduct sales promotions for about 4,480 commodities. Sources added the cooperative societies have requested for an official directive banning the rental of selves in cooperatives during the holy month to prevent exploitation by owners of foodstuff companies and importers.

Meanwhile, the new system adopted by Public Authority for Manpower compels companies and institutions to pay fees for obtaining a username in order to access the web portal designed for carrying out the authority’s transactions online. Companies that do not pay these fees will not be able to complete their transactions, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting sources. They said the contract, which was signed between the authority and the company responsible for developing the system, includes collection of fees from companies based on the number of employees in each company’s file.

The sources revealed that the contract, which is worth KD 3 million, gives the company complete right to collect these fees without consulting the authority. They highlighted the authority will convene a meeting shortly with the management of the company to negotiate and discuss the percentage that the authority should get from the fees paid by the company owners. However, the sources indicated that the system, despite the huge amount spent for its development and maintenance, is facing many problems and interruptions.

Source: Arab Times

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