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Number of drug addicts in Kuwait around 70,000
September 19, 2016, 8:04 am

Head of the Kuwait Pharmaceutical Association pharmacist Hani Zachariah was recently quoted as saying there are approximately 70,000 drug addicts in Kuwait, reports Annahar daily.

Which means, Zachariah affirmed, roughly calculated there are 7 drug addicts among every 300 people, most of them young people. He said one of the main reasons is lack of self-confidence and failure to use leisure time in a proper manner.

Zachariah explained a campaign has been organized by the authorities to lure the young people away from drugs through visits to the schools, universities and institutes in collaboration with the ministries of Education and Higher Education.

Part of the program is to deliver awareness lectures by specialists in treatment of addiction and prevention and teach the young how to spend their leisure time positively.

Source: Arab Times

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