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Number of expat workers In Public Sector 1,527,068 end 2014
March 27, 2015, 2:19 pm

The number of expatriates working in the public sector totaled 1,527,068 as at the end of 2014, reports a local daily quoting Chairperson of the Labor Market Research Department at the Public Authority for Manpower Samara Al-Mandani.

In a recent press statement, Al- Mandani disclosed the labor departments issued 126,121 work permits from the first of June until the end of 2014. She said the number work permits issued for the first time in various economic activities reached 79,278 while the number of work permits renewed totaled 408,445. She added the transfer applications from other sectors to private companies totaled 25,057 and 3,751 vice versa.

She went on to say the total number of cancellation and transfer transactions totaled 109,916; whereas the final cancellation for return to home countries reached 37,731 by the end of 2014. In other news, Public Authority for Manpower is all set to deposit allowance for excellent duty into the accounts of employees in May based on its plan to reshuffle employees from the Ministry of Social Affairs to Public Authority for Manpower, reports a local daily.

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