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Number of suicide cases high in Kuwait
July 8, 2014, 9:38 am

25 citizens and expats committed suicide since the start of the year until the end of June. This is what an informed security source said, adding that security authorities registered 25 suicide cases by citizens and expats in all governorates including six females, the majority of whom are Asian.

He added that the number of suicide attempts were 30.The source said that more than 50 percent of those who committed suicide were aged between 25 and 40, as there were 18 of them. He said official statistics revealed that 60 persons put an end to their lives by committing suicide during 2013, 76 in 2012, 73 in 2011, 70 in 2010 and 63 in 2009.

He said these official numbers indicate that Kuwait has become among the countries with the highest per capita suicide cases, and urged action before the matter escalates. The source said the reasons behind the suicide include family, economic and psychological reasons, in addition to weak religious deterrent and other reasons.

The source said hanging is the method used most so far, then jumping from a high place, taking large doses of medicine or poisonous substances and other means such as self-immolation and slashing wrists.

A concerned security source said among the reasons of suicide attempts are fear, low morale, financial and family problems, psychological illnesses, legal restrictions, unemployment and escaping from reality.

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