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Number plates of 6,000 cars blocking traffic withdrawn
July 18, 2017, 8:44 am

Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Fahad Al-Shuwai revealed the withdrawal of approximately 6,000 number plates of cars found blocking roads since the activation of the relevant law, reports local daily.

He affirmed that the country is in dire need for construction of more roads, which is part of the state policy and plans of Ministry of Interior, represented by General Traffic Department, to curb traffic jams.

As an example, Major General Al-Shuwai said the distance which used to take one hour and 15 minutes to cover on Jamal Abdul Nasser Road and Jahra Road now takes only 15 minutes, indicating that the construction of roads plays a big role in solving the traffic crises. He said the General Traffic Department installed 45 new black cameras, six of which have been activated.

The new cameras record violations related to exceeding speed limits in both directions and driving on the shoulder lanes of roads during unauthorized hours among others.

It also takes pictures of trucks that do not comply with the speed limit and drives during unauthorized hours. Major General Al-Shuwai affirmed that the General Traffic Department will coordinate with the concerned company regarding the operation of these cameras and for adding new violations that they can cover.

He explained that the department has a number of requirements. It requested the Road Engineering Sector and the concerned company to close a traffic signal in Riggae area as soon as the requirements are met.

The department prefers the required operations to be executed during summer holidays when the traffic flow is less. Major General Al-Shuwai indicated that the experimental shutdown last year during school days had resulted in negative consequences.

Source: Arab Times

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