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Old ‘cemeteries’ to be converted into gardens
March 26, 2016, 8:56 am

Director General of Kuwait Municipality Eng. Ahmad Al-Manfouhi revealed that the municipality intends to convert old cemeteries in Kuwait City into public gardens especially those located in important areas. In a press statement, he explained that some of these cemeteries have not been accepting corpses for more than 50 years due to which Kuwait Municipality, as per the law, as the right to convert those cemeteries into public gardens.

It also has the right to build on any cemetery where corpses have not been buried for 100 years or more. Eng. Al-Manfouhi indicated that Kuwait Municipality is waiting for the approval of Fatwa and Legislation Department in this regard. Meanwhile, a reliable source from Kuwait Municipality revealed that the five cemeteries under consideration are in Capital Governorate – one is opposite Souk Sharq, another behind Sawaber area, another next to Khalid bin Al-Waleed Street, another behind the Ministry of Information building and the last one is located opposite Al-Shahid Park.

He indicated that the projects for converting these sites will be offered as tenders to companies as soon as Kuwait Municipality receives approvals from the concerned authorities. The source clarified that the idea of converting the old cemeteries was considered after the shortage of lands inside Kuwait City became evident, particularly since modern buildings were being constructed in the area and crowds in some commercial complexes have been increasing along with rising need for parking areas.

Source: Arab Times

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