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One million single expats live in Kuwait – MPs warn of positional ‘disastrous consequences’
March 2, 2015, 9:00 am

Several lawmakers warned about the phenomenon of single expats living in Kuwait, suggesting that it might have disastrous consequences in the near future. They also criticized the government for not taking any measures to control it. “If the government had completed a project proposed in an earlier bill on laborers cities, things would not have grown worse,” MP Faisal Al- Duwaisan said, adding that expat laborers come to Kuwait without bringing their families along and inhabit in family residential areas.

“This makes area residents feel unsafe because those bachelors have different lifestyles than those of families,” he underlined. “Most bachelors live in ‘interior’ areas where most of the houses belong to heirs which most Kuwaiti families have abandoned, leaving the areas ‘taken over’ by bachelors and practice many illegal activities and commit violations,” MP Nabil Al- Fadhl said.

Government negligence MP Abdullah Maayouf attributed the phenomenon to the negligence of the Municipality, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MSAL) and the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and their supervision and control over these areas. He also attributed it to the low income of some citizens who opted to rent parts of their houses to make better living and get an extra income. “The social affairs’ minister is responsible for this phenomenon and has solved no more than one percent of the problem in over eighteen months in office,” he said, blaming minister Hind Al-Subaih for the problem development.

“The reason behind the growing number of this ‘bachelor’ category of expats is the growing number of victims by visa traffickers. It is unacceptable to have around a million single expat laborers who have no steady addresses living amongst us and left to be victimized by some fatal diseases that do not only threaten them, but also threaten the whole society with Hepatitis C-type and AIDS,” said Dr Adel Bahbahani, noting that that the visa traffickers do not realize such threats.

Living cost Bahbahani added that the cost of living in Kuwait as well as the living conditions far exceeds most expats’ salaries. “This was another reason why many [expats] cannot afford to bring their families along to Kuwait,” he said. Moreover, Bahbahani denied the connection between the increase of expatriate laborers in Kuwait, bachelors or singles, and the rise in crimes committed.

“According to a statistic about the last ten months of 2014, 70 percent of the crimes have been committed by Kuwaiti citizens,” he underlined, expressing his rejection to setting more restricting laws and imposing more unjustified fees on expats. “It is a mistake to view the increasing number of single expats as a threat to Kuwait because they do handle jobs which most Kuwaitis do not and thus, Kuwait needs them. Therefore, we have to contain and protect them as an asset to Kuwait,” he concluded.

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