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Only six Expat families can reside in one private residential house
May 28, 2015, 7:48 am

A maximum of six non-Kuwaiti families are allowed to reside in one private residential house, provided the total number of residents in one house is not more than 35, which is the same condition applied for Kuwaiti citizens, reports a local daily quoting Deputy Director General for Structural Planning at Kuwait Municipality and leader of the team in charge of evicting bachelors from family residential areas Eng. Ahmad Al-Manfouhi.

This was decided during a meeting with the officials of Public Authority of Civil Information (PACI) represented by Deputy Director General for Civil Information Registration Ali Hammoud Al-Gharba and Director of Statistics Department Mohammad Al-Omar.

In a press statement issued after the meeting, Al- Manfouhi affirmed that civil IDs will not be issued for non-Kuwaiti families without presenting the rent contract signed between the owner of the rented house and the family breadwinner who directly rents the house without any mediator, as well as an accredited document related to the realestate.

He revealed that all procedures have been taken to suspend issuance of civil IDs to bachelors living in private residential areas based on the Cabinet’s decision issued in this regard. Al-Manfouhi stressed that his team is keen about coordinating with the concerned authorities for dealing with this issue and taking all necessary procedures in line with the law.

Meanwhile, Ali Al- Gharba stressed the importance of applying the Cabinet’s decision of banning bachelors from residing in private residential areas. He revealed that PACI will obligate the owners of real-estate to sign rental contracts directly with the breadwinners of non-Kuwaiti families, indicating that PACI had issued a decision in December 2014 to ban registering bachelors in private residential areas.

Furthermore, Mohammad Al-Omar said the team has six months to eradicate the phenomenon of bachelors residing in private residential areas, due to which increased cooperation among all concerned authorities is required to ease all the obstacles that the team will face.

In addition, Director of Labor Inspection Department at Public Authority for Manpower Eng Sultan Al-Sultan stressed the need to activate procedures for inspecting accommodations of laborers registered under government contracts, in coordination with Kuwait Municipality to ensure the employers and contracts have abided by the conditions allotted in this regard.

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