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Over 1,500 arrested in Shuwaikh crackdown
March 14, 2016, 8:20 am

Public Security Sector set out on a campaign against criminal and immoral activities in Shuwaikh area by checking the documents of some 3911 individuals in an operation led by Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali, with the Assistant Undersecretary for Operations Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh and other security leaders.

An Interior Ministry statement said 1566 people were referred to the deportation center and other relevant authorities for various offenses, among them 257 residency law violators, 170 holders of expired residencies, 552 expatriates without personal identification papers, 23 visa related violations, 12 people wanted for criminal offenses, 186 absconders, 28 individuals involved in civil cases, 271 marginal workers, 13 traffickers, 7 people engaged in immoral activities with 15 others wanted for various offenses, and 15 alcohol peddlers.

Statement added that 7 people are to be deported for public safety, whereas security officers impounded 15 vehicles, recovered 13 wanted vehicles, and released the remaining 2345 people after verifying of their documents.

Public Relations and Security Media Department affirmed that security campaigns will continue in all governorates over an unspecific period for safety and security of the general public.

Meanwhile, security agencies in the Ministry of Interior conducted surprise security campaigns in Sulabiya Industrial area, which resulted in checking the identity documents of 1,394 people.

After the campaigns, 108 people were referred to the deportation center and other relevant bodies, 18 of them violated the labor law, 33 violated residency and labor laws, 8 wanted by law for civil and criminal cases, 22 for failure to present valid documents, 2 for possession of narcotics, 15 marginalized workers, three under the influence of alcohol, two for indecent behavior in public places and five for disrupting public order.

Seven cars were also impounded in addition to four on the wanted list as they were reportedly used in committing crimes.

Similar operations were carried out in the Friday Market were 986 people were checked, 119 of them were referred to deportation center and other security agencies, 78 violated the labor law, 46 were reported absconding, 14 wanted by law for civil and criminal cases, 216 for failure to present valid identification documents, 48 marginalized workers, three for indecent behavior in public and two for undisclosed reasons.

The public relations and security media department in the Interior Ministry has intensified efforts to raise public awareness on traffic regulations and problems.

Source: Arab Times

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