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Over 150 expats driving without license deported
July 8, 2015, 11:20 am

Some 152 expatriates have been deported for driving without license, in accordance with law that stipulates the deportation of any expatriate caught driving without license, says Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs in the Interior Ministry Major General Abdullah Al- Muhanna.

He added the law is applied on all without exception amid strict instructions to deport any expatriate who drives without license, as the behavior threatens the safety of road users and pedestrians.

He stressed the need to respect traffic laws to protect lives and reduce road accidents. He made it clear that citizens or expatriates have no right to violate traffic regulations while the state with its institutions is exerting tremendous efforts to find lasting solution to the traffic menace and to reduce road accidents.

Fire engulfed a vehicle along Fahaheel Motorway, opposite Messilah, says Al-Seyassah.  Firefighters rushed to the location after receiving information on the incident and extinguished the fire in record time. No casualties or injuries were reported. accidents.

Meanwhile, Director General of Public Relations and Security Media Brigadier Adel Al- Hashash stated the department is continuing on its media awareness campaign on the deportation of expatriates caught driving without license, in addition to the distribution of booklets, and leaflets in Arabic and English languages.

However, the number of violators in Arab and Asian communities here keeps increasing. Brigadier Hashash said the sector will continue the awareness and guidance programs until the negative phenomenon disappears from society completely.

He stressed that some traffic violators have caused serious accidents in their attempt to flee from the police. He hopes expatriates will abide by traffic rules and regulations to protect their own lives and others’.

Source: Arab Times

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