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Over 400 cars reported stolen or used in crimes impounded
May 11, 2015, 9:14 am

A total of 409 vehicles were impounded recently, some of which were reported stolen and others were used in committing various crimes. In a press statement, the Public Relations and Security Media Department at the Ministry of Interior quoted Assistant Under-secretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Abdullah Al-Mihanna as saying that stealing and looting of vehicles have become rampant.

He affirmed the recent security campaign resulted in the confiscation of 409 vehicles whose owners have been notified to visit the concerned traffic department for completion of necessary procedures to claim their vehicles. He asserted the ministry has dispatched additional patrol teams throughout the country in a bid to recover stolen vehicles and those used for committing crimes, guarantee public safety and regulate traffic movement.

Meanwhile, Director General of the Public Relations and Security Media Department Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash has advised the public to refrain from leaving valuable items and important documents in their vehicles considering the rising number of car thefts. He pointed out that in case of seeing a vehicle without plate number, parked in the same area for a long period or parked in a suspicious way; it should be reported through hotline number 112 because the car could have been stolen or used in committing a crime.


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