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Over 8,000 Saudi-based ‘Kuwaiti families’ receive money from Kuwaiti Government
October 5, 2016, 8:27 am

Investigations conducted by the government show more than 8,000 families holding the Kuwaiti nationality reside in Saudi Arabia and have not entered the country for several years, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The daily added, these people know nothing about Kuwait except for their father, who shuttles between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to renew the passports of his family members or to obtain documents from the ministries and government institutions.

A source said these 8,000 families comprise of more than 100,000 members and are the recipient of millions of dinars annually. Some of them reportedly are paid monthly salaries but have never shown up for work.


They also receive aid provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor of KD 560 a month when the man divorces his wife in Kuwait and remarries her in Saudi Arabia. The source pointed out the salary and aid continues to be paid until the head of the family dies.

The source added, in some cases the children enter the country when they reach the age 18 just to register their names with the Civil Service Commission to apply for a job in a ministry, and then go back to Saudi Arabia and become recipients of other services and privileges offered by the State such as housing welfare and marriage loans.

The source giving an example said a family of six people – a mother and her five daughters – all of them Kuwaitis registered as divorcees and receive monthly financial assistance but in actual fact none of them are divorced. All of them are married and live in another country.

Source: Arab Times

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