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Owner of domestic labor office arrested for blackmailing clients
October 26, 2014, 9:03 am

Detectives apprehended the owner of a domestic labor office for cheating and blackmailing people, reports Al-Shahed daily.

A security source said the police received several complaints indicating the owner of the domestic office was sending housemaids to homes on hourly basis.

The source explained that the owner of the office usually called his clients after the housemaid returns to the office, claiming she has been sexually assaulted, and then forces the client to pay KD 1,000 to book a ticket to send the maid back to her home country, threatening the maid would file a complaint if the client declines to yield to his request.

The source noted several clients have paid money for fear of scandals. The owner of the office at first denied the accusation but some housemaids confirmed the story.

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