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PAAF aims to achieve food security in Kuwait
July 15, 2014, 9:17 am
PAAF director Nabila Al-Khalil during the press conference.

The Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAF) is seeking to achieve food security in Kuwait through offering plots of land, either for cultivation purposes or raising cattle, said PAAF director Nabila Al-Khalil, on Monday.

Al-Khalil added that the PAAF will offer new plots after it receives approval from the Kuwait Municipality on the areas of land the Authority demanded in the region of Chabd.

The PAAF is seeking developing all production sectors for the sake of realizing food security, Al-Khalil told a press conference on Monday.

She quashed reports by social media that nepotism has decided offering plots of land to certain people, saying they are "groundless".

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