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PACI report shows 3,160,443 Muslims in Kuwait and 264 Kuwaiti Christians
September 29, 2015, 9:58 am

A total of 3,160,443 people in Kuwait are Muslims; 753,328 are Christians including 264 Kuwaitis while the religion of 267,726 including 45 Kuwaitis is unknown, according to the latest statistical report released by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).

The report revealed that the number of Kuwaiti Muslims reached 1,291,092; in addition to 2,101,031 Arab Muslims; 727,807 Asian Muslims; 20,000 Africans; 5,945 Europeans; 12,793 Americans and 1,223 Australians. Among the Christians, Asians occupied the first position with 640,347 followed by the Arabs with 16,122; Africans with 33,958; Europeans with 8, 848; Americans with 8,437 and Australians with 422. Other religions or those ‘unknown’ include 257,304 Asians; 57,211 Africans; 4,656 Arabs; 904 Europeans; 119 Americans; 67 Australians and 45 Kuwaitis. The report showed that Muslims are considered the majority and Christians are in the second position while the number of Kuwaiti Muslims exceeded the number of Arab Muslims by 200,000.

Meanwhile, several preachers clarified through phone calls with the newspaper that there is no such thing as ‘unknown’ religion because those people have religions which are not officially recognized in the State of Kuwait like Buddhism and Bahaism which Islam considers idolatry. They added some people have registered as Muslims just to finalize transactions related to marriage or heritage and others insist on not changing their religion, so they are registered under the ‘unknown’ category.

Source: Al-Seyassah Staff


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