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PAM to issue work permits to all sectors, says Al-Dosari
April 16, 2015, 8:47 am

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) will proceed with the issuance of work permits for sectors exempted earlier due to certain sanctions, in addition to 36 sectors approved by the Work Permit Committee, reports a local daily quoting Director General of the authority Jamal Al-Dosari.

Regarding the sectors banned from hiring workers from abroad, Al-Dosari confirmed these sectors will now be allowed to hire 25 percent of its manpower from outside, provided the number of workers does not exceed four per employer.

He said the concerned department is currently preparing the monthly statistical report which will be referred to him and his deputies for review, besides requiring a bank guarantee on the manpower entering the country upon issuance of the resolution and it will be based on the employee’s name. He explained the manpower quota will be specified according to the estimated need for employees starting from the issuance of the resolution.

The director recently issued a ministerial resolution concerning the issuance of work permits, through which he instructed the labor departments to issue these permits after the resolution is approved by the sector tasked to specify the actual number of workers required in each establishment.

The resolution covers the following: businesses linked with government contracts, government owned or supported companies, hospitals, health centers, outpatient clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, banks, insurance companies, investment companies, hotels, private schools, welfare homes, clubs, associations, public utilities, cooperative societies, industrial establishments, airline companies and their agents, marine companies and their agents, legal and engineering consulting firms, local and foreign press houses, agricultural and finishing entities, car agents and optics technicians.

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