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Pakistan Ambassador’s Message on National Day
March 23, 2017, 12:04 pm

It gives me great pleasure to extend warmest felicitations to all Pakistanis living in Kuwait on the auspicious occasion of Pakistan Day.

Seventy seven years ago, on 23rd March 1940, the Muslims of the Sub-continent, through adopting the famous Lahore Resolution, pledged to have a homeland of their own. This day is remembered as a golden chapter in Pakistan’s glorious history. It ended the long period of uncertainty and struggle of the Muslims of the Sub-Continent for achieving their inalienable rights and right to define their future in their own homeland.

Freedom is indeed the greatest gift of Almighty that comes with great responsibilities. Pakistan Day is historic because it was this day, seventy seven years ago that our forefathers’ realized that Muslims needed an independent country.

Today it gives us great satisfaction that, by the grace of Almighty Allah, Pakistan has emerged victorious and stronger out of many challenges that it faced for decades.

The government of Pakistan, under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is engaged in efforts to rid Pakistan of militancy and terrorism and realize the dream of the founding fathers of building a stable and prosperous Pakistan.

The government is also committed to the Prime Minister’s vision of a “peaceful neighbourhood”. Peace and stability is returning to Pakistan thanks to the heroic sacrifices made by our brave armed forces and the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan attaches great importance to our ties with the brotherly country of Kuwait. The recent visit to Kuwait by the Prime Minister and the warm welcome accorded by the Kuwaiti leadership is a manifestation of our fraternal ties. The visit provided a good opportunity to review our entire bilateral relations. It is hoped that the positive decisions taken would start to bear fruit.

The leadership of the two brotherly countries are determined to convert the huge reservoir of mutual good will into a strong partnership through expanding cooperation in all fields.

Overseas Pakistanis, including the patriotic Pakistani community in Kuwait, also have to play an important role in this endeavour. Every one of them has to do their best to promote Pakistan’s interests in every way possible, from projecting a good image of Pakistan to mobilizing trade and investment.

While thanking Allah Almighty for His infinite favours in the shape of citizenship of a free nation, with our destiny in our own hands, let us humbly pray for the unity, security, progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad!

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