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Panel nod to sports law amendments, headquarters for all NGOs proposed
March 22, 2017, 9:04 am

MPs Ahmed Al-Fadhel, Yousef Al-Fadallah, Faisal Al-Kandari, Khalil Abdullah and Khalid Al-Shatti have presented a proposal for the establishment of a building to accommodate all registered non-government organization (NGOs) operating in the country. The lawmakers said the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor from time to time gives a nod for the activities of the NGOs and what these organizations are expected to do based on the rules and regulations play a social, cultural, moral and religious role in the Kuwaiti society.

However, following the decision by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to stop allocating state-owned land for these organizations citing the need to protect the state property, all these associations operate without a headquarter.

The lawmakers therefore have called on the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to construct a multipurpose building to accommodate all NGOs in one place. The parliamentarians said this should include those who currently have or don’t have place or those whose places have been ‘confiscated’ for some of the other reason.

The MPs have proposed the building must consist of a theatre, meeting rooms and halls for seminars and other facilities to serve the approved NGOs. According to the proposal, the building should be under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor administration as a regulatory body and the offices in the building must be allocated according to the need of an organization through a decision issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

With regard to the NGOs which own real estate, they must retain such properties after ensuring their legal status in conformity with the NGOs law; otherwise, they must be removed without compensation. Meanwhile, the National Assembly’s Youth and Sports Committee Chairman MP Sadoun Hamad Al-Otaibi said the committee on Tuesday approved amendments to the sports law to help lift the suspension on Kuwaiti sports. Al-Otaibi added the committee met Tuesday with the Minister of Youth Affairs Khaled Al-Rawdan to discuss the sports crisis and ways to address them to facilitate the lifting of suspension on Kuwaiti sports activities.

Moreover, the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee Tuesday approved the addition of a new paragraph to the Administrative Court law that allows people whose citizenship has been withdrawn or cancelled to appeal the decision before the same court. Committee Chairman, Mohammed Al-Dallal disclosing this in the Parliament, said this amendment will ensure harmony and justice because it is a constitutional right. He indicated granting the Kuwaiti nationality would not be subject to court. He hoped to discuss the report during the next Parliament session. He said the committee felt the timing is suitable to look into the issue of places of worship. He said the committee has rejected by a majority vote the Public Prosecution request to lift the immunity of MP Ahmed Al-Fadhel.

Source: Arab Times

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