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Panel to speed deportation of 1,100 ‘illegal’ expatriates
January 17, 2016, 8:11 am

Ministry of Interior has formed a committee to speed up the deportation of more than 1,100 expatriates who were arrested in the recent campaigns for violating the residency law.

They revealed some obstacles that hinder immediate deportation such as expiry or loss of travel documents, indicating that forensic evidence department will take their fingerprints to identify them and ensure they are not wanted by law.

The sources stressed the need for coordination with the embassies of the countries of these violators to obtain temporary travel documents to facilitate their deportation, which however would take a long time.

They revealed that another problem hindering the deportation is that some of these violators are wanted for misdemeanors, felonies or absconding cases which would require bringing them to the competent judicial authorities for final decisions.

Another problem is that some of these violators have no relatives to give them proxies in order to follow up the financial disputes with others.

Source: Arab Times

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