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Panels push up several drafts before end of current session
May 9, 2015, 10:05 am

The parliamentary committees continued their meetings to wrap up several draft laws before the end of the current parliamentary session, reports a local daily. In this context, Chairman of the Priorities Committee Dr Yusuf Al-Zalzala announced that his committee at a recent meeting agreed to designate the session on May 19th to discuss the Budgets Committee’s reports implemented in the budgets of the independent and subsidiary bodies.

Al-Zalzala added the committee has since referred 15 draft laws to the National Assembly and it’s preparing to refer new bills next week, adding five bills from the previous session have been included in the agenda of the parliament necessitating the allocation of entire session to discuss the issue of budgets in detail.

Meanwhile, rapporteur of the Priorities Committee MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi said the government has objected to the law of naturalizing illegal residents (Bedoun) and justified its position saying the law is unconstitutional because the awarding of nationality is a sovereign right of the state and its inappropriate to force the state to grant citizenship or even specify a category to receive it. Moreover, the Parliamentary Finance Committee discussed the General Tenders Law and government’s amendments in that regard. Chairman of the committee MP Faisal Al-Shayei expected the committee will conclude its reports after four meetings.

Al-Shayei added the committee has met with several contractors who presented their opinion on the law related to arbitration, covering cases where violations are detected in the awarding of any tender and the classification of contractors based on the size of projects.


Meanwhile, parliament’s Disabled Affairs Committee recently held a meeting to discuss the amendments to some of the articles of Law 8/2010, reports a local daily. In a press release, Head of the committee MP Madhi Al-Hajri explained that, “Article 29 of the law stipulates providing monthly payment to people with special needs until they are 18 years old and to continue the payment until they are 26 years old if they are studying in university. However, the committee has suggested increasing the age for this monthly payment to 30 years for degree holders and to 40 years for higher degree holders such as masters and doctorate degrees”.

He affirmed that the committee and the Public Authority for the Disabled have reached a verbal agreement regarding this matter and an official document will be released shortly in this regard.

MP Al-Hajri said amendments to article 42 of the law related to the pension and salary of individuals who take care of the disabled people were also discussed during the meeting. He revealed that the committee has given one week to the authority to submit its recommendations on the amendments that were discussed during the meeting.

Meanwhile, Rapporteur of the committee Mohammad Al- Huwaila said in a press release, which was issued at the National Assembly after the meeting of the committee, that the committee discussed amendments to the articles 29, 40, 41 and 42 of Law 8/2010 which is related to the disabled people. He indicated that the committee discussed the problems faced by people with special needs who have not been receiving their rights for years, adding, “We have requested the Public Authority for Disabled to issue a report in this regard. We have also invited Minister of Finance Anas Al- Saleh to attend the meeting of the committee”. Al-Hajri noted officials in charge of the category deserve 100 percent pension equivalent to full salary so that allowances paid to them will not be deducted, indicating KD 2,750 was previously agreed upon by the Public Institute for Social Security.

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