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Par'l Committee approves salary raise of 25 pct
October 20, 2014, 8:25 am

Kuwait's National Assembly Committee on Legislative and Legal Affairs on Sunday approved a bill for a rise of 25 percent of the basic salary for civil servants who do not enjoy a special cadre.

Following today's meeting, Committee rapporteur Yaqoub Sanea said in a press statement that they had approved a bill proposal for raising salaries and pensions, for both civil servants and military members.

Meanwhile, the Committee agreed to add a new item to law 30/1965 on establishing the Kuwait Saving and Credit Bank (now Kuwait Credit Bank), providing that the bank will insure a borrower's life equal to the value of the loan. The value will be deducted, 50 percent to be paid by the State and the other 50 percent by the borrower.

Today's meeting also approved proposals for establishing a higher authority for education accreditation and quality and a second for protecting national products and a portfolio for medical treatment overseas.

Meanwhile, the meeting rejected two proposals for establishing funds for military and women housing, and a third for building an airport outside residential areas.

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