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Parents of number of youths express concern to ministry – Terror group sympathizers
April 18, 2017, 10:09 am

The parents of a number of youths have expressed concern to Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs that their children sympathize with DAESH, reports Al- Qabas daily quoting informed sources. They revealed that such a stance is adopted not only by boys but also by girls, indicating that the ministry deals with such reports in a confidential manner and offers advices and guidance.

The sources affirmed that many of these youths expressed their sympathy for some terrorist groups on social media, adding that necessary steps are being taken to protect the youths from falling in the trap of terrorism. They stressed that Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs relies on specialists to promote religious moderation among students in schools and universities as well as in mosques in coordination with Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

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