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Parl't approves draft law on military affairs
January 29, 2015, 8:18 am

The National Assembly has unanimously approved on Wednesday a bill to amend Act 32 for 1967 regulating the military affairs. The draft legislation, passed in the first reading, added Article No 108, repeated, to the act and amended articles 6, 86 and 99 of the same act, setting the hierarchy of the military ranks, routine vacations and the extension of service.

The newly-set hierarchy under Article 6 is as follows; second lieutenant, lieutenant, captain, major, Lt.-Col., Col., Brig., Maj.-Gen., Lt.-Gen., general, and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Under the amended Article 86 an officer has the right to get 90-day vacations a year or keep a reserve of holidays and get a payment equivalent to 300 working days when they end service at the age of 50 years or 225 days if they end service before that age.

A non-commissioned officer is entitled to payment of 225 days at the age of 50 years or 200 days before that age. In case of demise, the inheritors of a serviceman are entitled to receive these payments.

The amended Article 99 provides for the possibility of extended the service of the military people beyond 60 years of age for a maximum of five years under a ministerial decree.
The extra years in service are added to the pension account under the social insurance regulations.

The added Article No 108 provides for the extension of service until the age of 65 of contractors from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states and stateless people.

Separately, the National Assembly approved an MP suggestion to discuss, tomorrow Friday, the seventh and tenth items of the parliamentary agenda relating to the reports of the specialized committees and report of the State Audit Bureau.

These include 11 reports on the investigations into Sheikh Jaber Stadium, the construction of Jaber bridge, the Russian loan, the strategic military aircraft, the five KAC passenger planes, the contract between Kuwait Oil Co. and Shell, the claims of fraudulence at the Capital Market Authority, the first stage of the northern Ezzor power plant and the smuggling of diesel fuel.

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