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Parliament’s Legislative, Legal Affairs Panel rejects bill
April 19, 2015, 8:22 am

Parliament’s Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee has rejected a bill that was aimed to prevent increase of charges for public services and commodities such as electricity, water, fuel and other services without the approval of the parliament, reports a local daily.

In a report referred to the parliament, the committee explained that the objective of the bill is to protect public welfare by preventing the executive authority from increasing charges for public services without parliamentary oversight. Article 134 of the Kuwaiti Constitution stipulates that no general tax may be established, amended, or abolished except by a law.

No one may be exempted, wholly or partially from the duty of paying such taxes except in the cases specified by law. No one may be required to pay any other tax, fee, or imposition except within the limits of law. Based on the Constitution, the committee affirmed that the government has the lawgranted right to impose charges but by respecting the limits, adding that the government is solely in-charge of estimating and fixing the prices. 

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