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Parliament calls for investigating International suspension of Kuwaiti Football activities
November 18, 2015, 8:29 am

The National Assembly approved during its regular session yesterday a number of proposals asking for an investigation into the international decision regarding the status quo of the local sports scene as well as the ban on Kuwait’s football activities.

Proposals by a number of MPs called for an immediate investigation regarding the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and FIFA’s suspension of the Kuwaiti football activities. They called for relaying their proposals to the parliamentary sports and youth affairs committee to investigate the reasons behind the ban and find a solution to this crisis.

The MPs also called on the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Youth Affairs to work with regional and international partners “to face this irresponsible decision that was against international laws governing sports.”

The MPs denied that local sports regulations were in contradiction to international laws, affirming that the suspension was “tantamount to meddling with the State’s authority.” They called for formation of a 30-member advisory committee consisting of sports and legal experts in addition to former athletes to look into the problems facing the Kuwaiti sports.

Source: KUNA

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